Press Gang Locator

All contact with Press Gangers are handled through our Quartermaster. Contact him here.

If you are looking for people surrounding you and are using the postal code search, only enter the first two or three digits of the postal code to broaden your search area.

Name Badges City Provincesort icon Postal Code Country
M4estro Poznań 60-688 Poland
Ryssen2 Uppsala 75335 Sweden
Mezzonian Osterwieck 38835 Germany
Booboohamster Saltburn TS13 4NX United Kingdom
Kerberos Oxford HP180EY United Kingdom
JuJu Paris 75015 France
davefnh Hull HU8 0SN United Kingdom
Lost Masquerade Perales De Tajuña 28540 Spain
Krumck aubergenville 78410 France
a0bad Bayreuth 95444 Germany
Cenobyte Oberhausen 46149 Germany
JoJoBrunnix Mainz 55120 Germany
Deathraven Christchurch 8042 New Zealand
Mournbringer Wervik 8940 Belgium
Royski81 East Worthing BN11 2SQ United Kingdom
Frejdruk Linköping 58233 Sweden
pauljboy Cork 0000 Ireland
Nodens77 Bogotá 110121 Colombia
MrB Paris 75012 France
Grotznif Dublin Co Ireland
gamerjohn Armagh BT61 8LU United Kingdom
Geliron Leipzig 04315 Germany
Cryxus Tuttlingen 78532 Germany
Pham Vienne 38200 France
GilDK Lejre 4320 Denmark